So, seriously. Daddy or Chips?

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Welcome to Daddy or Chips!
However you stumbled here, hello. I won’t bore you with an essay on my life so far and events leading up to getting to write a blog, because that’s not interesting. Instead, I’ll pick out a few facts about us and the most important bits you should know before trawling through the rest of the site.
  • The basic of the basic. I’m Amy. I’m presently engaged to Wes. We’re welcoming our first baby, a boy, in July 2015 and we’re getting married in November 2015. One was planned before the other, but I’ll leave you to make up your own mind on which came first.
  • We have a cat. His name is Rufio, though Wes once saw a cat on TV called Peanut, so now he’s sometimes called that too. He’s a menace, but he is the cutest menace you’re ever likely to see.
  • The blog is called Daddy or Chips for a couple of reasons, but mainly it’s because I have to remind myself that my priorities are about to all change. Not that I would ever need to choose between Wes and a plate of the good stuff, but aside from being that cute advert around ten years ago, it also represents my battle between pigging out and overindulging in all sorts of stuff and providing for my now growing family and being a responsible adult in general. Which I should have mastered by 27, yes I realise that.
  • I found out I was pregnant when I was admitted into A&E with appendicitis. It wasn’t the nicest start to finding out you’re going to be parents for the first time, but the little bugger survived the ordeal and for all intents and purposes everyone will come out of the other side jusssst fine. Except Wes… I may upset him whilst I’m in labour, but I have it on good authority that he’s well prepared for the abuse I will no doubt throw at him.
  • I absolutely loathe football and everything about it. Not just because I’m female and not because I’m anti-sport (I love most other sports)… I’m very lucky that my husband to be also can’t stand it. However, we have another man in our lives that may be swayed into it and I am very unsure as to how I might deal with that later. Especially if my mum goes through with her threat and buys him a tiny human’s Burnley kit.
  • I have three tattoos. I basically regret them all.
  • I cannot abide the sound of someone whistling. Anyone. The longer and more tuneful the worse it is. This causes me issues, because it’s my boss’ favourite hobby and my husband-to-be’s mindless habit.
  • I actually love professional wrestling. Well, let me just rephrase that a bit. I used to and potentially still would if I had the time to watch it regularly… and wasn’t judged by my other half, who isn’t a ten year old boy.
  • We, as a couple, research pretty much everything we buy. The more expensive the purchase, the more research goes into it. Hours and hours of researching prices, reviews, alternatives… it hasn’t steered us wrong yet. To the best of my recollection, we haven’t made a purchase that we regret.
  • The pair of us are huge videogame fans. We were, until recently, active players on World of Warcraft (yes, that one you’ve heard all the horror stories about) and still make time to play together on a bunch of different consoles and platforms. And yes, we will be encouraging our kids to do the same.

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